DataPath to Rent Portable Satellite Terminals to AT Communications

Duluth, GA — September 12, 2019 — DataPath, Inc., a leading provider of advanced and secure communications solutions, announced today it has received a rental contract from its reseller, AT Communications, to provide portable satellite terminals to customers in Japan.

Under terms of the contract, DataPath will supply QCT90 terminals with integrated modems (Q-lite), integrated beacon receiver, and integrated audible guidance option enabling quick and easy operation.

“DataPath is excited to offer our clients the benefits that come with a rental agreement: ease, cost-efficiency and flexibility,” said Sherin S. Kamal, President and CEO, DataPath. “AT Communications chose our line of portable terminals for their customers because the terminals are rugged, easy to transport, and quickly deployable. The QCT terminals also offer quick connectivity in remote locations and a wide range of capabilities.”

With its common modular architecture, the QCT 90 allows customers to customize for mission, portability, speed and budget. Users can maximize their investment and adapt to future needs by changing key characteristics of their Quick Case Technology (QCT) system for different frequency bands, power levels and modem types.

The user centric QCT90 is compact with fully integrated components and cables, eliminating the burden of loose parts. The terminal is a single piece with a folding antenna and detachable tripod, making deploy and stow as simple as click, fold and go.  All DataPath portable satellite terminals are rigorously tested to surpass the toughest environments and standards.


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