Company Overview

DataPath leverages more than 25 years of experience and projects across 40 countries to bring best practices to everything “From Terminals to Teleports and all the Tools In Between™.” We focus on remote, distributed or at-risk environments, where reliable communications are a must. This includes government, broadcast, emergency response, and industrial markets.

End-to-End Solutions

The core of the company revolves around engineering expertise and life-cycle support for satellite terminals ranging in size from tactical man-portable units to vehicle mounted auto-acquire systems to master earth stations for teleports. In addition to custom systems development, DataPath manufactures a line of rapid deployment portable satellite antenna products.

Network Monitoring and Professional Services

However, DataPath’s broad experience provides products and services that span the entire continuum of a network architecture. Our MaxView® network monitor and control software is the proven NMC solution for government agencies, leading broadcast organizations and satellite operators. We also offer an array of professional services including global field support services, training and documentation services, 24/7 network operations support, information assurance and logistics engineering.

Cyber Security

Furthermore, DataPath offers award winning 24 x 7 MaxDefense Cyber Security Services, built on government-grade security protocols, and backed by an on-site incident response team. This gives our customers peace of mind. They know their networks receive protection from state-of-the-art cyber security tailored to the specific vulnerabilities of satellite network architecture. Through our related Managed Cyber Security Services program, we enable small- and medium-sized businesses to offer their customers enterprise-level security.

DataPath Today

Our re-emergence as a privately owned company in 2014 with new financial backing results in deep investments in advancing technology and prioritizing customer service. Today, DataPath’s installed base exceeds 4,500 satellite terminals deployed worldwide across the government and broadcast sectors. In addition, we manage more than 1 million end-point devices on all seven continents, including Antarctica, with our MaxView software. More than 100 of the company’s 300+ employees are highly trained field technicians deployed at customer locations around the world. By working with DataPath, you benefit from proven expertise you can trust, a passion for engineering innovation, and a deep commitment to customer support.