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News crews, first responders, and military units require durable, ultra-portable terminals for quick connectivity in remote locations. That’s why DataPath developed the Q-Series.

The Q-Series provides reliable, high-performance satellite communications capabilities when missions call for quick connectivity on the go.

It uses the successful modular concept and Gregorian dual offset antenna design of DataPath’s C-Series family. Made of carbon fiber for ultimate performance and durability, the QCT90 is engineered to be lightweight, easy to use, highly transportable, and quick to set up and stow. The small, IATA airline checkable terminal achieves the highest possible throughput in the smallest possible package.

  • Key features of the QCT90 include:

    Two parts pack into one checkable airline case for easy transport and deployment
  • Intuitive GUI for accurate assisted manual pointing – establish connection in less than five minutes
  • L-Band interface and integrated modems for adaptability to changing requirements throughout the terminal’s lifecycle
  • Complies with MIL-STD-810G standards – withstands rugged military use, including wind drag, rain, dust and other environmental hazards
  • Field-swappable  X, Ku, and Ka-band transceivers means flexibility to operate on multiple satellite networks, including Inmarsat GX