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DataPath’s multi-band DKET terminals deliver the operational flexibility, capacity, connectivity, and control required to support demanding communications in remote locations.

DataPath has built DKET terminals for more than a decade in support of commercial and military customers with over 100 installed around the world.

DataPath’s DKET terminals deliver secure, reliable communications anywhere you need to establish high-speed network connectivity.

DKET 3400 series

Deploying in less than four hours, DataPath’s DKET 3400 Series provides a secure, reliable network hub in the form of a single-skid earth terminal. Because of this form factor, the system is easily transportable by any Palletized Load System (PLS). With more than 100 units installed around the world, commercial and military users have relied on DataPath’s DKET terminals for more than a decade.

The DKET 3400 features:

  • Modular multi-band capability (X, Ku, Ka)
  • WGS Ka- and X-band certified
  • Single 20 ft. (6M) ISO 1C skid configuration
  • Designed using COTS equipment
  • Flexibility to leverage available satellite assets
  • Interchangeable between military and commercial networks
  • Easy transport over air, land or sea via a variety of aircraft and vehicles
  • Field-proven, reliable communications