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DataPath has a long history of customizing solutions to ensure safe, reliable, and secure remote communications and networking solutions for governments and militaries around the globe. This experience easily transfers over to the critical infrastructure, mining, oil, and gas markets.

Oil, gas, and mining industries are inherently remote. Ensuring connectivity is paramount to the success and safety of a site and its employees. Satellite communications is an ideal solution to provide your employees with necessary communications, including voice and data transfer, to keep operations running smoothly and seamlessly.

Additionally, infrastructure sites must have a high-quality monitor and control system for the vigilance required to manage and operate such complex systems. DataPath’s MaxView Enterprise is the optimal solution for infrastructure, oil and gas, and power grids. The system provides a single view of the entire network, including all remote sensors, and provides alerts and notifications if any issues arise relating to the health of the system. MaxView will also automate processes to keep systems going with little to no downtime.

As many recent reports have highlighted, power grids are highly susceptible to cyber-attack. A cyberattack on the US power infrastructure could potential cripple a large portion of the country for days before it could be fixed. Similarly, complex networks and systems such as those that manage oil and gas pipelines and mining sites could be the target of cybercriminals or rogue environmental groups. Cybercriminals do not limit their attacks to government and other high-profile organizations. Organizations must be proactive to protect their networks and data. DataPath’s 24×7 cybersecurity and managed security services will protect, monitor, and respond to any cyber threat that emerges on your network.