DataPath has a long history of customizing solutions to ensure safe, reliable and secure remote communications and networking solutions for the aerospace market. Below are some case studies that demonstrate how DataPath works with our aerospace partners to design solutions that fit their needs.

Hughes Flight Test: NSA 407 with SATCOM Systems

DataPath’s CCT 200 ground terminal was recently used during a helicopter flight test to transmit HD surveillance video from a helicopter over Inmarsat Mil-Ka band. During the demonstration, the team, which consisted of representatives and equipment from a number of companies, including DataPath, successfully transmitted “real-time, high definition video through helicopter blades with no signal disruption using its unique beyond-line-of-sight (BLoS) technology.”

“The testing of the Hughes end-to-end SATCOM solution for airborne platforms was performed on a NorthStar Aviation Bell 407 multi-role helicopter (MRH), and was supported by Boeing, General Dynamics, DataPath, and Northrop Grumman Corporation. The test was the first of its kind in the Ka-band over the Inmarsat-5 (I-5) F2 satellite, part of the Global Xpress constellation.” datapath-nsa-407-satcom-hughes-flight-test This test confirmed the capability of relaying real-time video from helicopters to ground operatives who could potentially be hundreds or even thousands of miles away from the aircraft. Rotary wing aircraft applications using the novel Hughes waveform technology include intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance for military use, border security, search and rescue, wildfire response, news gathering and police patrol.

Here’s a link to the video:

Cyber Security Incident Response For Flight Simulators

DataPath recently conducted a complex incident response project for a major aerospace company that manufactures highly sophisticated flight simulators. The company’s product had become infected with a firmware level virus that was substantially impacting the performance of the projection system. The virus caused some simulators to provide poor quality or false images to the pilots. In some cases the distortion was so significant that it rendered the simulators inoperative.

After being contacted by the client, we dispatched our 24×7 Cyber Incident Response team. They diagnosed the situation, developed the mitigation program, upgraded the system to prevent future breaches, and returned the simulators to service all within a matter of days. In total our incident response team visited 30 simulators located around the country.
This kind of cyber-security incident response requires very specific skills and expertise, but it is something that our team deals with every day.

Additionally DataPath’s MaxView Monitor and Control software can be implemented to have a single access point for air traffic control, drone fleets, satellite provider NOCs and more.

Our aerospace customers include:

  • Inmarsat
  • Hughes
  • Boeing
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Rockwell Collins
  • Airbus

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